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Vail, CO
Celebrating the Fourth of July in Vail, Colorado

Nestled into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is one of the world’s most famous ski resort towns, Vail. This beautiful city has it all, world-class entertainment, beautiful architecture, and an active alpine lifestyle. While most people know this place for its winter activities, it is a great destination to visit during the summer. One particularly ideal time to experience Vail is during the Fourth of July holiday. During that time, you can see all the town’s natural wonders and celebrate American Independence Day in style. The city lights up with celebration all week long during this holiday. If you are looking to plan a trip to this remarkable mountain destination, stay tuned. Here is our ultimate guide for planning a 4th of July Vail vacation.

15 June, 2021
Vail, CO
Traveling from Centennial Airport to Vail

Silver Mountain Express is pleased to offer private transportation in luxury vehicles from Centennial Airport to your destination in Vail.

22 December, 2020
Vail, CO
Vail Ski Resort – The Ideal Vacation Choice

When you’re ready to get away and take that long-needed vacation, there’s no place on earth that compares with the Vail Ski Resort. You’ll be surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery, superb dining, luxurious lodging, and exhilarating ski trails.

28 September, 2020
Vail, CO
Things to do in Vail Colorado in winter

The USA often resembles only the fabulous beaches and Hollywood star avenues.

07 June, 2020
Vail, CO
Get to Vail without renting a car

Check two destinations off your bucket list and discover why Denver and Vail were made for each other. Vail is just 1 hour 45 minutes west of Denver with several inexpensive options to get there. Explore the energy of urban life in Vail and the natural beauty of Vail without renting a car.

10 May, 2020
Vail, CO
Airport Shuttle to Vail Hotels

Summer curtains flow with the best weather activities. Although serious skiing and boarding rabbits may not be as fast as snow under the mountains, there are still plenty of activities to blow your heart. Also, the beauty of the Vail Colorado Mountain is very attractive. If you are looking for a beautiful setting, delicious food, and outdoor fun, then you need to check out these six great things to do in Vail, Colorado in the summer.

25 March, 2020
Vail, CO
Uber vs Limo from Denver to Vail

Professional limo services offer more personalized attention. While Uber vehicles may service dozens of passengers over the course of a day, limos arrive with only your party in mind. The vehicle will be clean, sanitized, well-stocked, and ready to whisk you to where you need to be.

25 February, 2020
Vail, CO
Denver to Vail Shuttle in Colorado.
Denver to Vail Shuttle in Colorado.


What is Denver International Airport Doing to Protect Passengers and Employees:

Installed new hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the airport and additional dispensers are on order.
Disabled the air hand dryers in the restrooms to reduce the spread of germs.
Added sanitary wipe dispensers at each gate to allow passengers to sanitize their seat on the plane.
Disinfect restrooms and other public areas to kill germs.
Continued to clean and sanitize the trains to the gates daily to kill germs.

20 February, 2020
Vail, CO
5 Reasons To Choose a Private Car Service To Vail

24/7 Customer Service
Easy online booking for all your transportation needs
Door-to-door private car service
Safe travel with experienced and helpful drivers
Airport greeting and no problems if your flight is delayed
A great alternative to taxis and shared-ride services
Reduce stress, no haggling at the airport, no queues for Uber or Lyft
Luxury cars with professional chauffeurs
All major credit and debit cards accepted
CHILD SEATS: free of charge

05 January, 2020
Vail, CO
Downtown Denver to Vail Shuttle

Silver Mountain Express offers shuttle service from Denver Downtown and Denver International Airport that will pick you up from either your door or designated pick-up locations. You can also arrange a shuttle for you or your family and friends.

02 January, 2020