Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Concerts and Transportation

Red Rocks Amphitheater Concert and Transportations

Red Rocks Amphitheater is a theatrical show and concert host that provides entertainment in all classical genres to various audiences yearly. The audience base of this Amphitheater expands across the globe. For tourists and enthusiasts who want to taste this mega stage, nothing an effortless visit is vital. Here is a thorough guide to assist you in finding your way to the theater no matter your departing destination.


Red Rock 2021 Concert Schedule

For the year 2021, a lineup of activities is listed for this city of Denver, Colorado-owned theater. The schedule plan is extensive, with shows covering music, drama, comedy, and more. For years the theater has run successfully without interruption. However, due to the pandemic of 2020, a massive stop was made to the theater. No shows were held, leading to a break in the string of successful shows.

Thankfully with a better year ahead, Red rocks is set to offer a schedule-packed event.

On the 22nd of April 2021, the theater officially resumed after months of closure. From then till the 14th of November, the theater plans to offer non-ending performances. For enthusiastic visitors interested in knowing what shows will be held, they can look through the long-standing events hosted by the theater from 2012. The theater has provided live music from the greatest stars like the Beatles and Sting and much more. One thing is sure the event will encompass a lot of grand live music performances from major stars.

They can also expect to see shows that had been postponed from 2020. The theater closed around April in 2020, so all shows scheduled were halted. However, they plan to include that into their already packed schedule for the year. How this will happen is yet to be announced, but we can look forward to an entertaining year. Although they were determined to resume, the theater is still very much dedicated to fulfilling all the rules of the pandemic prevention system. For that, the venue located west of Mile High City was set up to ensure social distancing. Their 738 acres of land set aside for hiking is now more utilized and dedicated not just to show its geological beauty but to accommodate the teeming visitors. They also incorporated live viewing for those who cannot travel to the venue.


Red Rocks Amphitheater at full capacity May/June 2021

During April, to manage the pandemic spread, Red Rocks Amphitheater opened its doors to a controlled number of visitors. This meant that several people were not allowed to enter the theater. In May, however, they opened their doors to more people. In April alone, surrounding hotels saw a massive swamp of visitors and fanatics. The rough estimate for the arriving crowd was set at 2500. In May, the estimate was to increase by over 3500 people. This was primarily because the theater announced an expansion in its controlled capacity for fans. Yet again, at the start of June, the Thatcher announced that they are increasing their capacity and accepting well over 10,000 people from the 21st of June.

While they keep increasing their capacity, the theater remains clear that they will work in line with the pandemic conditions in the state. They will still enforce all the rules, from social distancing to nose masks. They also set up dedicated rules within hot spots such as the restrooms, visitors center, and trading points. They also emphasize that they could reduce the capacity at any point if they find it too difficult to manage. Since there are so many shows lined up for the year, the theater has announced that its schedule will be subject to change at any time. This could be a result of the pandemic or the schedule of the artists.

For now, the theater is certain that live performances from Widespread Panic, Shakey Graves, and Death Cab for Cutie will all perform sometime within the year. This news alone has bumped up the expected crowd for the theater throughout its running schedule ending in November.


Red Rocks 2021 Concert Schedule


Transportation to this theater can be tricky, yet it is not impossible. Many of the easier options do not run through the theater line; however, there are some options that, although they may prove difficult, can still be used. The theater welcomes several people within the states and beyond; for those outsides of the states, you need to fly into the city. From there, you can make arrangements if you don’t already have one made to get you to the venue. For those within the city, it is a lot easier to find your way to the location. There are a handful of routes to go about this for visitors from and outside the state.

First, consider driving yourself. Be it from the airport or your home, you can easily drive yourself to the venue. For those coming outside of the state, you can rent a car for the period. It is best to make this preparation ahead of time. Simply input the address of the theater into your GPS, and you are good to go.

The next option is to hire a transport service. Those outside the state can decide on a car to pick them from the airport and drop them at their hotel and then at the theater. For those within the state using options like a rideshare, uber, or other private transport services, even a cab can work fine.

The third option is through a bus. Shuttles regularly take people to the theater, but you may need to check the nearest bus pickup spot to you. Shuttles like The Bus Party Colorado, The CID Shuttle to Red Rocks, and the Turtle Bus are all options that pick up tourists from around the state of Colorado.

One point to lay in mind is that all these transport options have a fee. Some are higher than the others, so it’s best to know what they will cost. Most public options are at a cheaper rate, even for those coming from the airport. However private transport options will cost a lot more. The good thing about private options is that they are sometimes made for a large party of people; hence the fee can be split. Limos, private cars, and such will most times accommodate 3 to 15 people, which is a great way to split the cost.

Private transports are much better for those outside the state since it’s safer and more convenient. Using public transports can be uncertain, which isn’t good for those without knowledge of the cities routes. Make reservations with renowned tourist services like Powder Hound, Centennial Specialty Tour, and Silver Mountain Express will take up all of your lodging and transportation needs to provide more convenience and focus on the entertainment to come.

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