Hikes near Denver 

Easy hikes near Denver

Imagine having a day visitation to Denver city. Where do you suggest the best place for hiking? With numerous trails near Denver, it might be nerve-wracking to choose a place to enjoy your easy day hiking especially if you are a first-timer. 

Despite being a stone throw away from the Rocky Mountains, Denver has amassed tons of visitors from every part of the world because of its adventurous hiking trails. It’s a home to captivating hiking destinations where you can explore nature to your heart’s content. The hikes near Denver offer beautiful and breathtaking scenery, which may compel you to come back. 

If you are reading this, you are probably planning a visit to Denver, or you are a hiker that wants to explore more hiking trails near Denver. This article will show you the list of hikes near Denver that will punch over its weight and knock your socks off. 


Bear Creek Trail at Lair O’ the Bear Park

The first on this list is the family’s choice.

It is stationed west of Morrison after a small province named Idledale. There are plenty of picnic tables to have lunch with the whole family, and Bear Creek is close by for the avid fishers. 

Just a 30-minutes-drive from Denver, this park offers a beautiful and easy ride to the bear creek canyon with a plethora of hiking and mountain biking trails. It has some distinctive characteristics, and you will be surprised by the look of the Park itself, the sound, and the sights of water. Lair o’ bear park is an ideal location to show your kids numerous kinds of trees and the identification of different species of birds.

If you are interested in a more challenging hike, consider participating in Bear Creek Trail, which stretches 12.6 miles, providing stunning Colorado enchanting landscape hikers. Just make sure to arrive early or use a lot of cash applications, and then check the availability of parking.


Red Rock Amphitheatre Park

The Red rock amphitheater is popularly known for its iconic open-air concert. When it comes to on-stage recording, many world-renowned artists consider this beautiful location their favorite because of its visual uniqueness, which is difficult to come by. The likes of John Denver, Jimi Hendrix, and Jethro Tull have sent sound waves that bounce off the natural sandstone theater walls venue. Not only does this venue provide an outstanding option for a live concert, but it also offers a great hiking trail around the park without paying a dime. It has two trails that revolve around the park namely; the Red rock trail and the trading post trail. Both trails are worth exploring.

If you are the type that loves taking pictures on the rocks, the red rock park policy doesn’t allow the climbing of rocks. Nevertheless, you can move closer to the rocks for a huge dose of awe and some killer pictures. Finally, red rock park is a go-to place for anyone who wishes to see the outdoor scene in Denver. To escape the scorching sun, it is advisable to hike in the early morning. Go with your sunscreen and a huge quantity of water!!


White Ranch Park

This is one of the hiking areas near Denver, which is located in North Golden, Colorado. The nearest route for anyone coming from Denver to this park is the east trailhead on Glencoe Valley Road. The white ranch park has several short trails, and the famous option is to connect the Rawhide, Longhorn, Maverick, Belcher, and Sawmill trails to form a sunset loop. With a two miles adventure, you can enjoy the whole park’s scenery in all its glory. 

White Ranch Park is similar to Mt.Galbraith in terms of technicality, but they differ in parking lot size. While the former offers a limited parking lot, the latter offers a big parking space. 



Although Mt. Galbraith was a private gym some years back, its proximity to Denver has made it more popular. It has minimal trials and miles. If you are looking for a technical and steep hike, Mt. Galbraith is your go-to place. Mt. Galbraith is difficult to climb at the initials, but it’s more comfortable and friendly after climbing for a while. Despite being challenging at the initials, people still crowd the place at weekends to catch fun. The major drawback of this park is limited parking space. When visiting in the evening, exercise extra cautiousness because the twilight could vanish into inky blackness swiftly. 


Bergen Peak Hike Near Evergreen

If you want a challenging peak hike that is just a 35-minute drive away from downtown Denver, then Bergen Peak is the best option. Bergen Peak is located on the western edge of Elk Meadows just outside of the quaint foothill’s town of Evergreen. It’s a great fast escape from the heat of summer and the summit offers beautiful views of the meadows below and the mountains to the west. The best time to visit here is from spring to fall. Dogs are allowed on a leash but are prohibited during seasonal closures.


The Bluffs Loop

The Bluffs Regional Park is situated in the town of Lone Tree on the South End of Denver. If you’re in town on business, this hike is situated just a few minutes from the Denver Tech center close to Cabelas. Within a few hundred yards of trail, you’ll begin to see beautiful views down into Denver and out to the Western foothills. It’s a large dirt trail that eventually winds its way up to a broad mesa with astounding views of the Front Range Mountains. Search for meadowlarks feeding, particularly in the late afternoon and early evenings.

Bluffs loop has beautiful grassland, front range views, bluff overlooks, wildlife: prairie dogs, rabbits, red fox, etc. It is best visited during the summer and fall.


Clear Creek Trail in Golden

The Clear Creek trail is greatly loved by young kids. The first portion, in downtown Golden, is paved, then swerves to a dirt trail after going 470. The county plans to expand the trail into Clear Creek Canyon. You can sprinkle your feet in the cool water of Clear Creek and see kayakers run through the chutes. If you’re very lucky, you may be opportune to see swift water rescue training hosted in clear creek trail every year.

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