Denver Airport conspiracy – the wildest theories

June 10, 2021

Conspiracy theories are fascinating, puzzling, and disturbing to many. Most often they relate to buildings, although they can apply to many other places as well. One of the top conspiracy theories is about the Denver airport in the US state of Colorado. Have you ever heard any Denver airport conspiracy theory? Below we present the most interesting ones.

Denver International Airport

The airport in Denver – interesting information

Denver Airport is seen as a manifesto of the New Order and the secret world government. Conspiracy theorists leave many mysteries in this area. They leave clues to the meaning of the symbols wherever possible. The Denver airport is often referred to as a secret NWO (New World Order) base. This theory states that most, if not all, changes on Earth are due to the orders of a secret authoritarian world government.

Denver Airport became operational in 1995. Located in a new location, it reduced noise pollution for the surrounding residential areas. The modern design got the airport certified ISO 14001. The interior design also plays an important role – the paintings and frescoes were made especially for the plane, and the terminal resembles the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. What are the Denver Airport conspiracy theories?

Swastika-like runways

Among the main Denver international airport conspiracy theories are the runways arranged in a swastika. This shape can be seen from aerial photos. However, experts claim that their arrangement is typical – all airports are equipped with runways facing different world directions. Many believe that conspiracy theorists see what they want to see.

Plague Prophecy on the floor

Consistent with this Denver airport conspiracy theory, codes describe the new strain of hepatitis virus placed on the floor. According to this theory, an airport is a place that contains plans for plaque-induced depopulation. In fact, the names given are local names written in the Navajo Indians language. Two words may be an exception: Braaksma and Villarreal. Seemingly mysterious; however, these are the names of the artists who designed the decor of the airport.

An announcement of depopulation on the walls

Numerous murals have been placed on the walls of the terminals inside the airport. Two of them attract attention and are associated with this Denver Airport conspiracy theory. The works were designed and created by Leo Tanguma and are titled ‘Children of the World Dream of Peace’ and ‘In Peace and Harmony with Nature. The first one depicts war and dictatorial power, while the second shows children observing nature behind glass in a museum.

However, the conspirators see them as a promise of depopulating the people using the army while protecting the elite from the apocalypse. Furthermore, the images connect to the Au Ag symbol carved on the floor near the murals. Conspiracy theorists interpret it as the deadly Australia Antigen toxin. It is worth knowing that such a substance really exists, but it is marked with the symbol HBS and is used to immunize people against viral hepatitis.

What else is surprising?

Outside the terminal, you encounter a mustang – a rather fearsome-looking one. Its glowing eyes make it look like a creature from hell. In 2006, a fragment of the monument fell on the sculptor Luis Jimenez – its creator. The impact was so strong that the artist died.

The cornerstone is also worth mentioning. According to the Denver International Airport conspiracy, the cornerstone bears Masonic symbols and dedication to the New World Airport Commission. This institution allegedly does not exist but is associated with the New World Order. Next to it, there is a plaque with the text repeated in Braille. The conspirators believe that the translated content is not the keyboard that will initiate the killing process.

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