9 Most Popular Ski Resorts in Colorado

September 30, 2021

Colorado has one of the most modern facilities, beautiful alpine chalets, the most exclusive ski slopes for skiers to enjoy the season irrespective of whether you are a professional, semi-professional skier, or are entirely new to the much-loved sport.

the most popular ski resorts in Colorado

Winter is coming once again, and the high mountains and a cozy environment are one of the most popular destinations for ski lovers.

Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway to the snow or a skiing holiday, here are the most popular Must-See ski resorts in Colorado.

1. Vail Ski Resort

Vail Ski resort

Vail is a town in west-central Colorado, located in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver. It was founded as a resort in 1962 and built in the style of an Alpine villa. The ski terrain around Vail Mountain stretches for 39 km2, making Vail the largest ski resort in the United States. This ski resort is unique for the combination of terrain, high-speed ski lifts, gourmet cuisine, shopping, nightlife, and a first-class atmosphere.

The Vail mountains have been rated the No. 1 ski resort for several years due to its extensive terrain that can lodge the different level skiers (beginners and experts). The mountain is about 2140 hectares, including the “Front Side” and the legendary “Back Bowls” and “Blue Sky Basin.” Regardless of the weather, there is always something nice about the environment which makes people troop in here every year.

Vail skiing

Vail Ski Resort in Colorado is where most of the action happens. Just over 9 meters (370 inches) of snow covers the area each year, so the weather and the snow are ideal for skiing. Head to the Back Bowls to enjoy the open spaces, visit the trails and meadows of the Blue Sky Basin, or take advantage of night skiing or helicopter skiing opportunities. 

2. Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort

Located in the Midwest of the state of Colorado, this city has become synonymous with everything that has to do with this winter sport. One of the reasons for its good reputation is the perfection of the snow found in all its ski resorts.

Aspen’s snowy perfection is due to the nearest ocean masses being thousands of miles away. This makes the relative humidity of the air much lower compared to those recorded by stations in other regions of the globe. As if that were not enough, they are surrounded by huge deserts and semi-desert extensions, which ‘dry’ the air even more.

Aspen ski resort

The proximity to the polar regions does the rest: a cold and dry climate like few others; ideal conditions so that there is snow in abundance and does not freeze. The incredible mountain scenery and the famous ski slopes are the features of most significant interest to many tourists traveling to Aspen.

Snowmass Village is a destination that tourists like for the incredible mountain scenery, the variety of places to eat, and the stunning ski slopes.

3. Beaver Creek Ski Resort

Beaver Creek ski resort

Beaver Creek is a private mountain resort for those who want an elegant and exclusive experience. This luxurious ski destination is located in a European-style base town with Neo Tyrolean-style buildings and heated corridors. Discover the 734 hectares (1,815 acres) of ski slopes, visit the art galleries in town and have fun on the panoramic golf course.

Explore the elegant walking town of Beaver Creek, where heated corridors and escalators connect restaurants, shops, and other facilities.

Enjoy one of the chocolate chip cookies that are baked every afternoon. It has beautiful bronze sculptures located in different parts of the town, and you can enjoy a good meal on the terrace of a restaurant while taking in the panoramic view. The Beaver Creek Ski Area is family-friendly, with more than 149 ski trails and 17 chair lifts. Use the ski lifts and cable cars to access the scenic hiking and biking trails in this area during summer.

Beaver Creek ski village

The Beaver Creek Mountain slopes are connected to the Bachelor Gulch slopes, which are equally well-groomed and connect to Arrowhead. The result is a fabulous ski experience with interconnected European-style villages. Head to one of the three terrain parks to snowboard, or take on the challenge of the Stone Creek Slides, where the steepest slopes of the ski resort are found. Activities include snow sports competitions, cooking demonstrations, a rodeo, arts festivals, and an Oktoberfest celebration.

4. Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge ski resort

Breckenridge Ski Resort is one of the favorite ski destinations in the Western Hemisphere. It is located along the southern peaks of the Tenmile Range in central Colorado. Downhill from the resort is a two-and-a-half-hour drive or transfer from Denver International Airport or Centennial Airport. Tracks run through five dazzling peaks along the Tenmile Range, in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

You can glide down the manicured slopes on ski, snowboard, snowmobile, or sled or discover the diversity of landscapes on the nature trails. After a long day of outdoor fun, learn about the area’s mining past and find exciting dining options in the town of Breckenridge. This renowned ski resort offers varied terrain options for skiers of all levels, from novice to expert.

Breckenridge ski resort skier

You’ll find well-groomed slopes as well as powder snow, all with easy access via the resort’s network of 34 ski lifts. The visit begins at one of the two centers on the base. If you do not bring your own equipment, you can rent ski or snowboard equipment in the center and prepare for the mountain.

You can join the ski classes and receive advice to improve your technique and explore new mountain areas. Classes are offered for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Suppose you’re ready for a break, recharge at the mountain’s cafes, restaurants, and snack stalls. Every year during December, the Dew Tour competitions are held, where you can see some of the best athletes in the country in action.

5. Keystone Ski Resort

Keystone ski resort

The Keystone Ski Resort is known as one of the best family ski resorts in the area. Although the resort has several slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers, it also has a great variety of extreme slopes.

During spring, you can ski on the illuminated slopes at night. The station tracks are spread over three different peaks: Dercum Mountain, North Peak, and the ridge between Outback and Wapiti Peak. The peaks are connected by a system of ski lifts and cable cars. Head to Dercum Mountain to ski in the quietest area of ​​the resort, ideal for the family. Reach the top using the high-speed ski lifts, the River Run Cable Car, or take a ride in a heated snowmobile.

Keystone ski resort colorado

Go down the back of Dercum Mountain either on a ski or on a snowmobile to reach North Peak, where you’ll find a mix of extreme slopes and trails set up for a leisurely ride. Another option is to take the cable car from Outpost. Outback is purposely kept naturally, with groves spaced far enough for beginning skiers to practice on open terrain. Some parts of the ski resort are reserved for expert skiers.

Keystone’s A51 Park is one of the best in the country, with more than 100 attractions spread across 24 hectares of land. Improve your skills in the different obstacles, rails, jibs, and the superpipe. Head back to the slopes as the sun goes down to ski for the night. As the only resort in Summit County that provides the opportunity to ski at night, Keystone offers the most prolonged ski hours and the brightest trails in Colorado.

6. Winter Park Ski Resort

Winter Park ski resort

Winter Park is a resort with sports activities for the whole family in the middle of the mountain. There is something to do at any time of the year: skiing, ice climbing, hiking, horseback riding, or cycling. For two years in a row, this resort earned the votes for being Colorado’s Top Adventure Town and The Number 1 ski resort in North America.

Winter Park is located somewhere along the Continental Divide, a place of beauty that is as inviting as the activities on offer. Moreover, it hosts 7 distinct territories, some of which includes the notable Mary Jane and is the nearest main resort to Denver.

The constant snowfalls between November and April cover the place with a white blanket.

You can get on one of the twenty three ski lifts during this period and then travel around 3,000 hectares of skiable terrain and 765,000(public land). There are options for all levels, from beginners to experts. You can practice traditional alpine skiing, snowboarding or do tricks in the snow packs of the resort.

Other ways to explore the mountain during the winter season include a horse-drawn, dog-sled tour or a snowmobile tour. If you prefer something more active, you can go ice climbing, alpine skiing, snowshoeing, and tubing in the snow.

Winter park ski

Between the end of May and September, the Winter Park resort offers many summer activities. Join the guided walks through the grasslands to learn about the region’s ecosystems, plants, and animals. Traverse miles of marked trails on a mountain bike or devil’s skateboard and traverse the fields on horseback.

Play a game of miniature golf, slide down a slide and walk on water in an inflatable sphere. For a more relaxed day, take in the scenery of the Rocky Mountain National Park from the comfort of a ski lift.

In the resort town, you will find a variety of accommodations, both cheap and luxurious. Indulge yourself with a therapeutic massage in the spa. Choose from one of the dining options, including the resort’s flagship restaurant specializing in modern American cuisine, a take-out shop, a pizzeria, and bars serving craft beer.

7. Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride ski resort

Everyone knows that the Telluride Ski Resort is where Hollywood celebrities and families go to enjoy the slopes. A vacation in Telluride, Colorado, is ideal for ski lovers and people looking for peace of mind. Telluride is a beautiful sight located in Colorado in the Mountain village near Telluride town.

It has a skiable area of about 2,000 acres, with different lift systems that can lift about 22,386 skiers per hour. It is one of the most popular Colorado resorts because it’s undoubtedly the perfect location for families, couples, a group of friends, or alone. Whether you hike atop your skis or gaze out a window while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, you definitely will love Telluride’s snowy peaks.

Telluride ski resort

You are offered a different view due to its dizzying slopes, luxurious accommodations, participation in snow sports, and various other activities. In the restaurants and lodges, there are always social activities, and also you will have the possibility to enjoy elegant dinners and cocktails. Get ready to put on some snowshoes and go on a guided hike with an expert naturalist on the Bald Mountain, Black Iron Bowl, Gold Hill Chutes, and Palmyra Peak slopes.

8. Crested Butte Ski Resort

The Crested Butte Mountain Resort gives a conventional ski experience, with a lot of action on the mountain and relaxing afternoon activities at the resort and in the various towns. Crested Butte resort is located in Gunnison Country, close to Crested Butte city, Colorado. It has a skiable area of 1,547 acres and 16 lift systems that reach a height of 3,707 meters (12,162 ft), with a vertical drop of 846 meters (2,775 ft), carrying a capacity of 20,000 person-per-hour skis.


It is one of the most popular resorts in Colorado for several reasons: the ski season runs from late November to early April, the free lift during the opening day of the season. In addition, there are several activities that people can engage themselves in, such as skiing and snowboarding. You can also have fun at the adventure park and zip-lining. To travel the trails, there are options for all tastes: snowmobiles, snow bikes, snowshoes, or skis with covers.

In the evening, go sledding to Uley’s Cabin for a delicious dinner or enjoy a romantic outing while the kids take part in the children’s night ride. Another fantastic point is that Crested Butte Mountain is filled with flowers; that is why it’s popularly regarded as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado during the summer.

So, Crested Butte Mountain Resort does not lose its charm irrespective of the season, as it is ideal for hiking and mountain biking when the snow melts away.

9. Steamboat Springs Ski Resort

Steamboat spring resort is one of the oldest and yet magical destinations during winter as it is full of surprises and fun. It is one of the most popular ski resorts despite having a population of 13,342 persons.

The Steamboat Ski Resort, formerly known as Storm Mountain ski area, opened on January 12, 1963. It has a skiable area of about 2,965 acres and about 23 lift systems that can help navigate you around the different places in the resort.

Steamboat Springs ski resort

This resort is known for its snow and “Champagne Powder” trails to satisfy experts and beginners alike. Skiers and boarders visiting this resort will be sure to find a plethora of trails they will never forget.

This region is a magical winter wonderland for travelers who want to ski, snowboard, ice climb, ice skate, sleigh rides, and spend the winter the way from Steamboat. Steamboat has three sizable public golf courses, one of which was selected recently as one of the top 20 in the state.

The air is fresh and clean, and the mountain landscape is lush and green during the summer months. Steamboat has fun things to see and do 365 days a year, so there’s never a wrong time to visit. Perfect for thrill-seekers, recreation seekers, and vacationing families. Enjoy all the bars and restaurants that downtown Steamboat Springs offers and also the free shuttle bus.

Car service to Colorado ski resorts


When there’s snow on the ground, these resorts centers come alive, thereby making them the ultimate base camp for travelers who want to ski, snowboard, ice climb, ice skate, sleigh rides, and spend the winter having fun. If you ever dreamed of comfort, adventures, and fun, then you can try these places.

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