Broadmoor Hotel Car Service

September 21, 2021

Luxurious & Affordable Transfers from Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. You can always book your private car service from Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs to Denver International Airport (DEN) or Centennial Airport (APA) year-round.

Broadmoor hotel car service

If you ever visit the wild-wild-west and need a Broadmoor Hotel to Denver car service, just remember us at Silver Mountain Express. Our well-trained chauffeurs would safely transport you through all the pistol-slinging cowboys and flying bullets. Just kidding. The west is a more civil place now. To clarify, it’s a beautiful holiday spot. 

Anyone who goes to Denver in search of the Old West should stay at the Broadmoor Hotel. The hotel is more than a hundred years old. It’s a spot for history, tradition, and heritage. In addition, there are a whole lot of exciting activities to do at Broadmoor. 

Planning everything for your trip to Broadmoor will allow you to make the best of your time there. So, let’s get a general lay of the land before your journey into the west begins. 

Broadmoor hotel main entrance

A Little History Of The Famous Broadmoor Hotel

The Broadmoore hotel came into existence during the First World War. Willy Wilcox initially founded it. However, the credit for the famous Broadmoor Hotel as we know it cannot go to him. Bill just bought the land. And yes, he did have the idea of making a hotel there. But the hotel found its real success with Spencer Penrose. 

The hotel is located in the Broadmoor neighborhood of Colorado. A car ride from the Broadmoor hotel to the Denver Airport would be approximately eighty-eight minutes. 

Willy Wilcox first bought the land upon which the Broadmoor Hotel stands. He and his partner James Pourtales founded the ‘The Broadmoor Land and Investment Company’. This was 1890. 

Pourtales built the first casino and the first hotel to attract customers. However, this venture failed. The casino burned down in a fire accident. The duo went bankrupt. After that, the Boardroom hotel went through several owners. None of them found success with the hotel. 

Finally, in 1916 Spencer Penrose came to the scene. He bought the hotel and the casino. Most importantly, he purchased the 450 acres of land surrounding it. Penrose was an entrepreneur. He was a man with a vision. With his creativity and business strategy, Broadmoor Hotel found its glory. 

Many famous Americans have stayed at the Broadmoor. Presidents had played golf in its then 18-hole golf course. For instance, John De Rockefeller, Clark Gable, Franklin Delano Roosevelt are some of the famous names. 

After Penrose’s death, his charitable organization ‘El Pomar Foundation’ owned the hotel. However, they, too, had to let it go. Currently, the Anschutz family owns the Broadmoor hotel. 

Broadmoor luxurious hotel

Things To Do At The Broadmoor Hotel

There is a wide range of exciting activities at the Broadmoor Hotel. From a guided tour of the land to playing Golf and Tennis. The Broadmoor Spa, Gym, and Pool can be a place for health and relaxation. Moreover, Broadmoor arranges adventure trips for the visitors, which can give you that Old Western experience. 

The Broadmoor Outfitters

The Broadmoor Outfitters arranges outdoor excursions. These tours come with experienced guides who can give you instructions suited to your person. With their help, you can enjoy the unique natural beauty of the American West. In addition, they would also provide you with the necessary tools for the outdoors. 

There are various activities under The Broadmoor Outfitters. For example, Fly Fishing, Soaring Adventure, Falconry, Hiking, Rock Climbing, and Biking Adventure.

Broadmoor hotel pond

The Broadmoor Golf course and Tennis 

You can play a nice game of golf at the Broadmoor. Their golf course is very famous. Moreover, this golf course has historical value: the 1959 and 1967 US. Amateur are two events, for example. Most importantly, you can be in the company of the fabulous Broadmoor Golf Team. 

The Broadmoor Tennis is a legendary club. For over twenty years, they had been rated as one of the top twenty tennis resorts in the country. The tennis club has two hard courts, three Har-Thru courts, and three pickleball courts. In addition, you can get tennis lessons from professional tennis players.

Broadmoor main entrance

The Gym, Spa, and Pool 

The Broadmoor has a state-of-the-art Gym, Pool and Spa. Flush out the toxins at the Spa and dry sauna, build a nice pump at their weight rooms and cool off at the pool. 

In short, The Broadmoor Hotel experience is a combination of fun, relaxation, and adventure. Our Broadmoor Hotel to Denver car service can accommodate up to seven passengers luxury transportation at any time.

Why Should Your Next Holiday Be in Colorado Springs?

Anyone who loves the outdoors, seeks adventures, and is mesmerized by mountains, should be visiting Colorado Springs. The hiking trails, natural wonders, and the wild, unique beauty of the American West would make for a rich experience. In addition, several beautiful hotels and resorts await you. 

Colorado Springs has some of the most spectacular rock formations on the planet. It’s the home to many natural landmarks. For instance, the Garden of the Gods Park, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, comes to mind. 

The Old Colorado City

During the wild western days, Old Colorado City was the capital of Colorado. It was founded around 1859. In the last decade of the 1800s, the town was overwhelmed by the Goldrush. Salons, parlors, gambling zones lined the streets. It was kind of like the towns they show in western action movies.

When you visit Colorado, spend an afternoon in this town. The salons and parlors are no more. Art galleries and roadside restaurants have taken their place. Pull a chair, have a seat, and watch the tumbleweed roll away.

Pikes Peak Main Entrance
The Pikes Peak Entrance

The Pikes Peak 

Pikes peak is a natural wonder. In the Southern Front Range, Pikes Peak is the most prominent summit of the Rocky Mountains. Most importantly, people call it “America’s Mountain”. This nickname is reason enough to visit Pikes Peak if you are an American (or not). 

colorado springs things to do
The Pikes Peak 

The Garden of the Gods Park 

The Garden of Gods is probably the most popular natural landmark in Colorado. And it is free. The Garden rests in 1350-acres of land. Red sandstone rocky structures dominate the scene. Some of these rock formations are over 300-million years. So, the name does take a literal meaning. Gods or nature had been polishing these structures from the beginning of time. 

Some of the spectacular rock formations are the ‘Kissing Camel’, the gravity-defying ‘Balanced Rock’, and others. 

Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs
The Garden of the Gods Park 

Hitch A Luxury Ride from Broadmoor Hotel to Denver Airport

The journey from Broadmoor Hotel to Denver Airport takes approximately an hour and a half. This would probably be the last segment of your Colorado adventure. So, let us make this part a pleasant memory too. Get a ride from us at Silver Mountain Express. We will take your Old West experience to its completion. 

Our professional drivers are well-experienced in mountain driving. They would pick you up on time and assist you with every need. Most importantly, we ensure the luxury and safety of our clients. We are proud to let you know that our transport service is a part of Denver Limo and Denver Airport Transportation Service. 

Other than Broadmoor hotel, our cars run all over the Colorado area. You can call us at +17204404202 anytime you need a safe ride through the Colorado Mountains. 

We offer a variety of transports at your service. You just need a valid credit card to make a reservation. Let’s take a look at our luxury car collections. 

pikes peak mountain

Six passenger luxury large SUV 

This is a ride for a maximum of six persons. The fleet consists of Ford Expedition Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Suburban, and GMC Yukon. This is a perfect and comfortable ride for the mountains. The car comes with complimentary beverages and skiing equipment. 

Seven passenger luxury large SUV

This luxury ride makes room for seven people. The second row features a sitting arrangement for three people. Therefore, there is plenty of room for passengers and luggage. 

Broadmoor to denver car service

Seven passenger luxury Van

The luxury van is best for large groups. It is a very roomy and luxurious ride. Great for mountain and city adventures. The van has huge windows which give you an excellent view of the western scenery. 


Anyone who loves the Old West and its red sandstone mountains can’t but visit Colorado Springs at least a couple of times in their life. And for a fulfilling experience, they have to stay at the Broadmoor hotel. 

 After that, book your private car from our fleet to give us the privilege of being at your service. We will safely transfer you from Broadmoor Hotel to Denver while providing the most luxurious private car service possible.

some more general information
What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation must be made 72 hours before the pick-up time, or cancellation fees (full charge) will be assessed.

How to make a reservation?

You can make a reservation by phone at +17204404202 or our website at

What type of credit cards do you accept?

Silver Mountain Express accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Do you accept cash?

Only credit card payments.

What to do to reserve a car?

A valid credit card is needed to hold all reservations.

How far in advance can the reservation be made?

We suggest making reservation 12 hours in advance; for a last-minute reservation, please call us at +17204404202.

Are vehicles insured?

All vehicles at Silver Mountain Express are fully licensed and insured.

Does the company provide car seats or booster seats?

Yes, you can always request in advance a car or booster seat at no charge.

Is smoking allowed in vehicles?

No, all of our vehicles are NON-SMOKING. If any passenger smokes in a vehicle, a minimum cleaning fee of $300 will apply, plus the cost of repairs for any damage related to smoking.

What are the hours of operation?

Our dispatch office is open 24 hours a day. Our vehicles run 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What if the passenger wants to stop at Grocery, Liquor stores, or Colorado dispensaries?

Grocery, Dispensary, and Liquor Store stops are available at $180/up to an hour. All stops has to be prearranged in advance.

Is there a minimum amount of time I must pay for?

The 3 hours minimum.

What is a meet and greet at the Denver International Airport?

1. Check your phone for your driver’s phone number when you arrive at the Airport.
2. Call or text immediately to let your driver know you have arrived. If you did not receive a message from your driver, call Customer Service at +17204404202
3. Proceed to baggage claim and collect all luggage.
4. After you collect all your bags, proceed to the exit. Text or call your driver immediately with the door number. It takes the driver up to 5 minutes to get there from the holding area after you text the door number. Doors 507 through 511 on the east side. Doors 506 through 510 on the west side.
5. After you exit, cross the first street. On the first island, there will be a booth with a sign that reads “LIMO.” Your driver will be waiting for you on the island.
* If you don’t have a mobile phone to contact us: tell the airport personnel in the limo booth that “Silver Mountain Express” is making the pickup. The person in the booth will call dispatch, and your driver will arrive within five minutes.

What if a passenger loses or leaves belongings in the vehicle?

Always check to make sure you have all of your personal belongings with you before you exit the vehicle. If you discover you have lost or forgotten an item, please call our office. If the chauffeur finds the item, you can pick it up, or we can drop it off at the location of your choice for a charge. We are NOT responsible for ANY lost or misplaced belongings.

Are pets allowed in the vehicle?

Yes, pets are allowed in the vehicle. Please notify us when making a reservation that a pet will be traveling in the vehicle. There is an additional $100 cleaning fee for all fares.