Denver airport – murals and art

Thousands of arriving and departing people visit Denver airport each year. However, the airport itself is extremely popular thanks to the works of art you can admire on its walls. The murals of the Denver airport attract a large number of visitors. Some people, after seeing these paintings, create conspiracy theories, while others are just delighted with the multitude of colors and interesting elements of the murals. Where are the murals in Denver airport?

What murals can you see on the walls at the Denver airport?

Denver Airport art is known for its diversity. What you can see in this place is the result of the work of many different artists. We will try to present some works of art located at this airport, providing specific information about the place where they can be found. With us, you will easily find out where are the murals in Denver Colorado Airport.

  1. Blucifer – it’s a piece of the Denver International Airport art that everyone can see when coming to this place. It is a sculpture of a huge blue-tinted horse. The whole thing is as much as 32 feet high. The sculpture stands on Pena Boulevard and is visible to all who visit Denver International Airport.
  2. Notre Denver – This is another sculpture that can be found at Denver International Airport. It shows gargoyles that are made of bronze. The sculpture looks rather disturbing and can be found in the Jeppesen terminal. The creator of these unique gargoyles is Terry Allen.
  3. Kinetic Air Light Curtain – installation consisting of 5280 propellers, which were hung in the tunnel of the passenger train in the Jeppesen terminal. As the train passes, the propellers are activated by light and wind.
  4. La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra – one of the Denver International Airport murals that presents the history of people who lived in this land in the past. It is also a mural commemorating the Mexicans who fled to Colorado before the revolution that wasted their country. The mural is located in the Jeppesen terminal on level five and it was created by the famous artist Judith Baca.
  5. In Peace and Harmony with Nature – this is one of the most colorful murals at the Denver Airport. It shows people who connect with each other and with nature to prevent environmental damage. The mural can be admired in the Jeppesen terminal on level five.
  6. Children of the World Dream of Peace – in turn, this mural can be seen near the luggage storage facilities. It presents children who dream of peace in the world. The author of this mural is Leo Tanguma.
  7. Mile High and Rising – a mural on the fifth level of Jeppesen Terminal that depicts the Afro-American pioneers of the past. The painting shows authentic historical figures who are part of the history of the state of Colorado.
  8. America Why I Love Her – probably the most interesting mural at this airport. It shows the outlines of all states of the US. There are postcards and photos everywhere, showing the most important monuments in a given state. This work of art was created by Gary Sweeney and it is also located in the Jeppesen Terminal, level five. 
denver airport murals

Denver Airport mural painting

Now you know the answer to the question “where are the murals in the Denver Airport” and you know where you can go to see them. Chech out transportation from Denver Airport to Bachelor Gulch and others. Of course, we’ve only covered a small fraction of what you can actually see on Denver Airport art murals; in fact, there are murals almost everywhere in this location, and it’s worth going there just to see them all.

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