7 best things to do in Aspen in winter

The Winter season inspires people in different ways. Some people want to spend the entire season in the warmth of their homes, while others are looking for new experiences and great places to visit. One of the most popular places in Colorado is Aspen, which is famous primarily among skiing enthusiasts. But what can people do in Aspen, if they are not willing to ski? Check out Aspen winter activities for non-skiers. Are there any interesting places to go? Yes, there are: here’s our list of the best things to do in Aspen during winter.

The most interesting things to do in Aspen

There are many things to do in Aspen in winter, so we decided to choose those that you may like most.

  1. Silver Queen gondola ride – it will definitely be an unforgettable adventure: a trip to the top of Mount Ajax on the Silver Queen Gondola for a quarter of an hour. It is an excellent activity, especially for those who enjoy beautiful views that are worth photographing. 
  2. Drinking beer at the Aspen Brewing Company – this is a kind of bar that sells unique, craft beer, perfect for connoisseurs of this drink. The great advantage of this place is undoubtedly the fact that live bands play there every weekend.
  3. Visiting Maroon Bells – this picturesque mountain area will surely delight any lover of beautiful landscapes. Some consider it a must-see if ever visit Aspen.
  4. Take the Independence Pass – a route that can be easily covered by a car. It is a breathtaking experience because you can observe beautiful mountains and vast forests from there. There are also viewpoints on the route where you can stop.
  5. Go for a trip on a hot air balloon – this is another fun thing to do in Aspen in winter. Thanks to the local companies that offer balloon flights, you can see the Colorado skyline from above, which will give you a wider perspective.
  6. Go to the Aspen Art Museum – Art lovers also have things to do in Aspen during winter. If you are interested in contemporary art, you will definitely remember this place for a long time, and it is located in a really beautiful building. 
  7. Visit hot springs in Glenwood Springs – for a small fee, you can bathe in the hot springs for as long as you like. After all, you don’t have to be that cold even in winter.

Aspen – the most popular winter ski resort in the entire US

Now you know what things to do in Aspen Colorado in winter. This place attracts a lot of tourists every year – after all, it is the most popular ski resort in the entire USA. Not only common people visit Aspen – also celebrities who have their winter homes in this part of the country tend to spend their holidays here.

Unforgettable views, stunning landscapes, interesting places to visit – there are a lot of things to do in Aspen during winter. All of the examples we gave are the best things to do in Aspen, in addition to skiing.

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